Tonight, Tonight.

Recently, I told you about my breakup with Tinder because they were charging people older than 30 for their premium service. Now there is some competition brewing with the website, How About We, and their “tonight” feature.  I just read about it in an Observer article.  It goes beyond the constant swiping and matches you … Continue reading


At my day job, I am a fundraiser for a super cool nonprofit that supports kids with special needs.  One of the things I love about my job is what we do a lot of reading for professional development.  Most recently, we’ve read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  I’ve been really impacted by this book … Continue reading

Buh-Bye Tinder

A few weeks ago, Tinder released to the press that they will be charging $10 more a month for their new premium service if you are over the age of 30.  Their rationale?  People over 30 can afford it. Bah, nice excuse.  They’re simple trying to get rid of us older people.  If they wanted … Continue reading

Fooey, winter! Go out and meet people!

It’s early March.  By the looks of it here in Boston, winter is never going to end.  Let’s face it, winter is a tough time to meet someone.  Most of us want to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid frostbite (unless you count my nephew who thrives in the outdoors 24/7/365).  I don’t … Continue reading


I don’t know what to write but I know I need to write. On my way home from work, my current therapist called me to tell me that my previous therapist, Sherifa, who had been battling stage 4 lung cancer, passed away on Sunday.  Even before she could get the words out, I knew what … Continue reading

50 Shades of Whatever

I did not read any of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy nor did I see the film that opened up on Valentine’s Day weekend.  And I have no interest in reading or viewing this tale of man, woman, and their bondage. Listen, I love a great romance movie.  Rom coms are my guilty pleasure. … Continue reading


It’s been a while, loyal readers.  I’ve missed you.  Hoping you missed me too! I wanted to write a post to let you know that on Friday, I’m heading out on my latest and (maybe?) greatest singles cruise!  You know I love cruising with the singles, and the anticipation of the vacation is almost as … Continue reading

Milestones and Reflection

Several milestones have occurred, or are coming up in my life.  Time for reflection, I suppose. 1.  On Friday, I turned 40.  After my initial freakout, I relaxed and embraced joining a new decade.  It was a great celebratory weekend, including visits from my parents, high school and college friends, former colleagues, you name it. … Continue reading

It only takes one.

Sometimes I forget that in a sea of available men, you only really need one to make you happy. It’s been a while since I’ve dated.  I broke up with someone a while back and then jumped, 150%, into a work project that completed shortly before Thanksgiving.  I didn’t see any of my friends during … Continue reading

This is (almost) 40.

In 2 hours, it will be December 1st.  It will then be officially my birthday month, a few weeks before I turn 40.  Honestly, I feel numb to it.  I mean, I keep saying that I’m almost 40, but the reality is, I cannot believe I’m going to be 40.  When you’re in your 20s, … Continue reading

NYC, I’m about to be in you!

It’s Friday night, nearly 9pm, and I’m finally packed and ready to hunker down with a bottle of lavender polish and the next episode of the Gilmore Girls in my Netflix queue.  Honestly, this is a glorious way to spend this particular Friday night.  Why, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you!  I’m heading out tomorrow … Continue reading

Single, Again. Sassy, Forever.

Just a quick update to let you know that I’m single again!  The guy I was dating was very sweet, but we just came to the realization that our relationship wasn’t going anywhere.  So, we called it quits with a hug; I’m sure we’ll stay friends. Seriously, no hard feelings! So I’m back in action … Continue reading

(Not So) Single Sassy update

I’ve been storing up these blog posts in my head, so instead of writing several, I’m going to write a few blurbs to give you all an updated on life. 1. So, there’s this guy who has been calling me every few months and leaves me rambling phone messages.  I’ve blogged about him before – … Continue reading

I love to hate you!

I’m slightly delayed in writing this post, but in all fairness, I’ve been busy! On September 27th, I checked something important off my bucket list: I met my favorite band, Erasure!  I’ve been a fan since I first heard their 2nd album, the Innocents, in 1988 when I was in the 7th grade.  Quickly, I … Continue reading

Give online dating a chance!

Admit it.  There are tons of reasons why online dating isn’t easy.  It takes commitment (often described like having a second job!), money (OkCupid and Plenty of Fish can be sketchy at times), and a thick skin (takes heart to ignore the foot fetishists and jaded serial daters). But, in a recent article on the … Continue reading

Coming to Peace with Oneself

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly two years, and for the most part, it’s been a tongue in cheek “mockumentary” if you will of online dating, with my own dating life as the central character. People have asked me time and time again: “What will you do when you meet someone special?” “Will you … Continue reading

The Staycation

There are so many reasons why taking a vacation is crucial to your personal well being.  There have even been endless articles promoting this notion.  In this article from Inc Magazine, one is encouraged to take a vacation even if you don’t have money to do so. focuses on the stress we endure and … Continue reading