Coming to Peace with Oneself

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly two years, and for the most part, it’s been a tongue in cheek “mockumentary” if you will of online dating, with my own dating life as the central character. People have asked me time and time again: “What will you do when you meet someone special?” “Will you … Continue reading

The Staycation

There are so many reasons why taking a vacation is crucial to your personal well being.  There have even been endless articles promoting this notion.  In this article from Inc Magazine, one is encouraged to take a vacation even if you don’t have money to do so. focuses on the stress we endure and … Continue reading

The Weekend: Singles Cruisers and Dating

First of all, welcome and hello to my new readers, subscribers, and twitter followers!  It’s an honor and a privilege to have you reading my blog. Lots of fun things coming up to share with you! This weekend is the unofficial Annual Boston Singles Cruise Reunion.  Several hundred people who frequent singles cruises (to learn … Continue reading

#ThrowbackThursday: Ready for Love

Originally posted on SingleSassy:
You know when your heart and head are ready for love? Yep, you know that feeling. Everything is right in the world and you’re just missing that one great thing: true love. In the spirit of all things girly and cheesy, here are some  mushy videos to make your tears jerk…

Summer Lovin’

It’s July 7th and love is in the air!  No, really, the summer is the perfect time to fall in love.  There aren’t those jokes about summer flings for nothing!  The weather is warm – it’s the perfect time to stroll around in strappy sandals and summery dresses, arm in arm with your special someone. It’s enough … Continue reading

Steven’s Coming Out Party

This past Saturday I experienced my very first “Coming Out” party!  My friend Steven (who recently came out to his family and friends) decided to have a formal party to embrace coming out as gay man living in New York City.  He invited me at least 6 months ago, stating that he wanted to have this … Continue reading

Social Grace

Social Grace. I’ve been using this phrase a lot lately in a variety of conversations and have come to realize that it has become my standard of evaluation for worthiness for an individual. It’s simple now for me. Whenever someone asks me, now, what I’m looking for in a spouse, friend, colleague, I can state … Continue reading

Pardon Our Dust is getting a makeover!  Please pardon the interruptions as I make some cosmetic adjustments to the blog’s appearance.  I hope it looks beautiful when it is done!

Integrated Fundraising = Integrated Dating

Integrated what? It is, in fact, a reference to a conference presentation I did in 2011 called “Integrated Fundraising.” I have mentioned before that I’m a fundraiser by profession – I raise money for a non-profit organization outside of Boston that educates children with special needs. In any case, a few years ago, I did a … Continue reading

Back on Match!

I’ve been dilly-dallying for a while and finally had an hour tonight to create a brand new profile!  Started fresh – new email account and everything! But I’m testing something out.  I used an uncanny amount of magic words in my profile: the top 10 words that seem to attract the most amount of … Continue reading


I just read this interesting article from Forbes about salaries and dating: To share how much you make or keep it a secret: that is the question!  There’s always a place on an online dating profile to share your salary information, but it is often a range, and there is usually a place to say “I’d … Continue reading

Chivalry, where are you?

I’ve written in the past about the death of chivalry and most recently, I chimed in about the horrendous patterns I see in online dating – and I can’t figure out how to break the cycle.  It happened in again. I found a nice guy online.  We exchanged pleasantries.  He drops his phone number into … Continue reading

Drinking Games in Maine

This past weekend I spent a Girl’s Weekend in Maine with four lovely ladies.  It had been a long time coming – we had been planning it since we went last summer! – and it was a welcome break from the heavy workloads that we’ve all been carrying lately. There’s something to be said for … Continue reading

Dry spell

I have not had a date in months. Months. Maybe it’ll be more dramatic if I say it in all caps: MONTHS. Why, you ask?  I’m single, I’m sassy. I’ve just felt completely unmotivated to date.  For an extended period of time, I was dealing with a serious personal issue that brought my self-esteem way, … Continue reading

The Magic Words

In a recent study posted in an online article in Uptown Magazine by Natali Rivers, there are several words that bode well for attracting the opposite sex when writing your online dating profile.  The study was conducted by scientists using 12,000 profiles on   So, what are the magic words?   Women tend to get more responses … Continue reading

SingleSassy’s “Soft” Opening

Get your mind out of the gutter. SingleSassy is branching out and spreading the love to others in the dating world.  Instead of focusing on my own dating life, I’m going to take what I’ve learned in the world of online dating and share my wisdom (ahem….) with others. And I am meeting with my first … Continue reading

Is romance dead due to online dating?

I just read this very touching piece by Joanna Perryfolino from the Huffington Post about the challenges with online dating.  Perryfolino writes: The time to get to know someone, really get to know someone, in light of their true selves, their needs and wants, happens slowly. Our hastened, cyberspace, hurry-up nanosecond world of online dating allows us to quickly … Continue reading

Flashback to the 1980s

First and foremost, welcome to my newest followers!  I don’t know how you’ve stumbled upon my blog, but I welcome you with open arms and hope you’ll read, comment, and share! I think I’ve previously mentioned this, but I’ve been keeping journals and diaries off and on since I was in 3rd grade.  They’re seriously … Continue reading


Still can’t seem to motivate myself to rejoin Match or Jdate.  What’s stopping me?