7 Essential Oils for Hangover Cure

Drinking alcohol may make you happy. You are happy with the intoxicating sensations that alcohol provides. Drunkenness can be a festive party but a hangover can turn into something horrible. Your body will experience nausea, pain, and dehydration. Your head will start throbbing.

Drunk is not a fun activity. You must know the real story about this condition. Maybe you forgot to drink water so your head will continue to beat throughout the night. You must do something to alleviate your suffering. You can use Essential Oils for Hangover. The oil is a natural substance so you have to supply the oil to heal your body and mind from getting drunk.

A certain amount of alcohol can make your mind forget. This is an uncomfortable thing but many people can pay dearly for the experience. This is the oil you can try to overcome a hangover.


Grapefruit oil for hangover

This fruit can be oil that makes your body feel fresh. This oil can help your body to relieve stress. Your mind will be positive and filled with hope. The mind will be peaceful and happy. This fruit has high vitamin C content so that this oil will serve as an antioxidant for your body. Your immune system will increase after you consume the oil from this fruit. Grapefruit can treat migraines. You can apply this oil on your forehead.


juniper oil for hangover

This material has detoxification properties. The cleansing properties of this oil will clear your mind. This oil will stimulate your mind to relieve pain and pain. Juniper becomes appropriate oil for detoxification. This oil not only cures a hangover but removes toxins in your body. If you feel ill because of bad food and toxins, then you can use 3 drops of juniper oil that are rubbed into the bottom of your feet.


Rosemary oil for hangover

It is a spice plant used for western food. These plants can be obtained easily in supermarkets and traditional markets. This plant can increase great brain tonic. This oil will refresh your mind. This oil can also make your mind clean and fresh. Research says that this oil can increase your concentration. This oil can make you mentally clear. The main quality of this oil is to reduce headaches and migraines. This oil can reduce memory loss. Usually drunk will make you experience mental fatigue and this oil can overcome it because rosemary can be a stimulant for your brain. These are the best Essential Oils for Hangover.


sandalwood essential oil for hangover cure

Sandalwood is oil with anti-inflammatory properties. This oil will soothe tension and inflammation. Sandalwood also has the effect of cooling your body so that blood pressure in your body will regain calm. Sandalwood can reduce the symptoms of fever and heat in your body. Cendana has sedative properties so that this wood can relax and calm the nervous system. Cendana can reduce rowdy conditions when you are drunk. Your mind and body will regain calm after drinking alcohol at night.


lavender essential oil for hangover

It is an amazing plant that has been used in various regions. This plant has great healing properties. Lavender is often used for therapeutic measures. Lavender can balance your body and mind. Lavender can also calm the nervous system in your body. You can relax and wait for your body to recover from a hangover.

Air Breathe Blend

Air Breathe Blend

It is a mixture of plants that help to breathe you. You should insert the mixture of this plant into the diffuser. This plant can also treat respiratory disorders. This oil has a mixture of cypress, lavender, pine, marjoram, eucalyptus, and spruce.

Inhale Respiratory Blend

Hangover cure

You have to inhale this oil to make your breathing a relief. This oil consists of lavender, rosemary, cedar, and peppermint. These are unique Essential Oils for Hangover.

Application Method

There are various ways to use the oil. The first way is to bathe with the oil. You can mix water, milk, and some essential oils to cleanse your body. You can soak for a few minutes to create peace in your mind. You can use a warm towel to apply the oil to your body. You can massage your body with a mixture of the oil. This oil will make the tense muscles become calm. You can message body parts that hurt by using this oil. Usually, you feel sore muscles in the neck. This is normal because you do daily activities. If you want a fresh aroma, then you can also use lemon oil to massage your body.

How to Prevent Drunk

Drinking water can prevent getting drunk. Alcohol will cause increased urine production. Alcohol can inhibit the performance of the kidneys to absorb water. You will not absorb all the alcohol into your body. The water will be wasted from your body. Electrolytes and water will leave your body. Your body will only get the gas from the alcohol. Aspirin is a drug to relieve pain and inflammation. This drug can do stimulation in your liver. You can take 2 aspirin to relieve your hangover. You will lose electrolytes when intoxicated. Electrolytes in the body can be replaced by coconut water. This is a natural drink that makes your body get electrolytes again.

Drunk can be prevented by doing light exercise. You may not exercise hard to avoid getting drunk. This will make you physically feel tired. You can follow yoga to increase your body stamina. Usually, yoga classes only last for a few minutes. You will not feel tired from doing this activity. The body needs balance. You may have fun with your body but you must know that your body can not feel the pleasure. Maybe you want to drink to get out of a certain problem but it is the wrong action. You cannot get out of trouble with a hangover. The problem cannot be solved with a hangover. You can get Essential Oils for Hangover on the market. Usually, the oil is already sold in bottles so you do not have to bother to make the oil. The fragrant aroma of the oil can make your sleep sound. You should get high-quality sleep when intoxicated. Sleep will make you feel comfortable. You must have a diffuser in your bedroom so that the air in the room becomes fresh, fragrant, and soothing.

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