10 Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a condition when the blood vessels in the rectum are swollen and give the patients feeling uncomfortable and even very painful. Almost all hemorrhoids suffered are considered as mild diseases without any symptoms. If there are the symptoms experienced, they are in the form of bleeding after defecating, mucus discharge, the appearance of lumps around the rectum, and itch. The symptoms can actually be disappeared some days after the treatment. Meanwhile, when it is experienced by pregnant women, it can be even disappeared by itself without any treatment. However, the change of lifestyle is suggested to avoid the hemorrhoids to be re-appeared. Interestingly, there is a simple way you can do to heal this disease. It is by using the essential oils. Here are some kinds of essential oil that are considered being effective for hemorrhoids.


truth about essential oils for hemorrhoids

The first type of essential oils for hemorrhoids is Cypress. Undeniably, Cypress is already known for a long time as medical essential oil. it is due to its gentle structure that makes it really safe for any medication. Why is this oil also recommended for hemorrhoids? Cypress oil is able to tone the tissues and make the blood vessels contract and cure. In other words, Cypress is a kind of astringent that can relieve many kinds of wounds even those that are appeared inside your body. Meanwhile, the bleeding can be reduced and stopped as well as the oil helps to smooth the blood circulation.


lavender oil for hemorrhoids

Lavender is known for its soothing smell for sure. It is reasonable if people tend to use it as a perfume rather than medication. Another good thing is that this oil can also be used to cure the hemorrhoids. Lavender is known as an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic so that the swelling of blood vessels can be avoided and even got rid of. It also fastens the healing process of some glands that influence the swelling process of blood vessels in the rectum. More than that, it helps you to strengthen the immune system as well.

Tea Tree

tea tree oil for hemorrhoids

Tea tree, when it is already processed into the essential oil, is known as cooling oil. That’s why; it is able also to heal some diseases including hemorrhoids. Other characteristics of tea tree essential oil are anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and immune system enhancer. Using this oil as one of the essential oils for hemorrhoids is considered as safe and very effective.


essential oils for hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Juniper is a plant which is rich in antioxidant and also very good for the detoxification. Other benefits of using the oil made from juniper are its ability to smooth the blood flow and heat up your body temperature. Those two matters can relieve the pain and reduce stress on the area that is wounded including the area of hemorrhoids. This oil is very good to be applied but it is only for external application.


Chamomile oil for Hemorrhoids

Chamomile is really gentle particularly when it is already processed into the essential oil. Meanwhile, the scent is also soothing and relaxing so that it is indeed very effective to relieve the stress. For hemorrhoids, essential oil from chamomile is very good as well. It is due to the ability of this oil to help your body in forming new tissues. In addition, when it is used for outer treatment, it is helpful to relieve the pain and calm down the agitation. Since chamomile essential oil is without any side effect, it is safe for long term usage.



Patchouli is probably one of the essential oils for hemorrhoids that are not really familiar for many of us. But you must not worry; it is because this type of oil is already offered widely in many areas around the world. The things that are good about Patchouli is regarding the ability to reduce inflammation, kill the bacteria, and prevent the infections due to fungi and virus, generate new cells, and provide astringent that is helpful to tighten the skin and another surface of body parts that are already loose. Since it is effective to heal the wounds, it can also be used to cure diseases like hemorrhoids.



Geranium is also known as effective wound cure. Yes, it has some ability including stopping bleeding, encouraging the body to heal faster, ease the pain, and reduce the inflammation. The scent that is relaxing and soothing also give you the feeling of relaxing. Similar to some other essential oils mentioned before, the oil made from geranium is also only allowed for outer treatments.


Helichrysum oil for Hemorrhoids

Helichrysum is a kind of fruits with tiny size and red color that is known for many merits. Some of them are the ability to promote cell growth, the anti-inflammatory, and the production of antiallergenic. Those matters are very helpful when you are suffered from wounded diseases like hemorrhoids. Despite its ability to fasten the heal of hemorrhoids, this kind of essential oils for hemorrhoids can also help you to relieve the problems of rheumatism, muscular aches, and pains in certain areas of the body.



This plant is probably only available in Australia. However, it interestingly has already been exported all around the world particularly for the ingredients of the medication. It helps you to ease the pain, aches, and blood circulation that don’t work properly. Since it is supportive for the integrity of blood vessels, it can relieve and heal disease like hemorrhoids faster and more effectively as well. Interestingly, it also has a good scent and is able to give you cooling sensation so that the process of medication using this essential oil will not be painful.


Sandalwood essential oils for Hemorrhoids

Sandalwood is another ingredient for an essential oil that can give you more feeling of relaxing. For medication, it is recommended for wounds including hemorrhoids. There are some characteristics of the Sandalwood oil. They are antiseptic, warm, comforting, and soothing. Besides, it is also able to clean the parts that are wounded as well as kill the bacteria. The problems like hyperactivity can also be solved using this essential oil. So, are you interested to heal your disease using essential oils for hemorrhoids?

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